February Holiday Calendar Templates

by ryan on January 5, 2017


February Holiday Calendar Templates


V Day! A Day to Spread Love – Every year the 14th day of February is universally celebrated as St Valentine’s Day. It is a day associated with love. One legend says that the day was named after St Valentine a Christian priest, who was executed because he aided Christian prisoners to flee from Roman prisons where they met with callous treatment.


Another version of the lore says Claudius-a Roman emperor – wishing to increase the number of volunteers for his army, outlawed marriage, thinking that love was causing reluctance among men to join the army. St Valentine, a priest defied this law by secretly marrying off couples. He was detained for execution. As he awaited his death he befriended the jailor’s daughter. On February 14-his death day he sent her a thank you note signed ‘love from your Valentine’. February 14 became Valentine’s Day and the practice of couples in love exchanging Valentine notes came into vogue.

The third version says that Pope Gelasius I declared February 14, as Valentine’s day in 496 AD to discourage Lupercalia-a lottery based dating system which was considered un-Christian.; maiden’s names in the lottery box was replaced with names of saints.

Valentine’s Day With Holiday Calendar Templates

Hearts, lace, roses and Cupid are symbols associated with Valentine’s Day. Red and pink are considered Valentine colors. Couples in bygone years exchanged love letters on Valentines Day, but now that practice has given way to exchange of greeting cards. The day was commercialized by Miss Esther Howland who published Valentine cards in USA for the first time ever. Nowadays couples celebrate the day by eating out or exchanging Valentine cards, flowers, chocolates and even soft toys like teddy bears. There is a billion dollar industry thriving from the observance of this day.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to express your love; Make your beloved feel special this Valentine’s Day with gifts, and on this day love is surely in the air! In recent years, many believe Valentine’s Day has become too commercial and has lost much of its meaning much like Christmas. I dont think this is true. If your interesting in keeping it exciting use these printable February Holiday Calendars below.

February Holidays:

February 2 – Groundhog Day
February 7 – Super Bowl Sunday
February 14 – Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean New Year’s
February 14 – St. Valentine’s Day
February 15 – President’s Day
February 15 – Louis Riel Day in Manitoba
February 15 – Heritage Day in Alberta
February 15 – National Flag of Canada Day
February 15 – Family Day
February 16 – Mardi Gras
February 17 – Ash Wednesday
February 17 – Lent
February 22 – Washington’s Birthday

Download January/ February Holiday Calendar Templates for each of these holidays this month.

Calendar Templates ( Printable PDF & DOC FILES )




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